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Distance Learning

Distance learning online can be an effective option for QSI schools when onsite instruction is not available. Prior to registering students for online courses, QSI administrators need to consider the following:

1. There is a valid need for distance learning. 

2. The student possesses the qualities necessary to be successful in a distance learning course. 

3. The school is able to provide all necessary conditions for success to support students enrolled in distance learning courses: 

  1. Technology and procedures for monitoring the learning process 
  2. Procedures for monitoring and reporting student progress 
  3. Procedures for safety-netting when needed 

Quality Schools International has established procedures to provide QSI schools with necessary online courses through QSI Virtual School (QVS). QSI Schools are required to follow these procedures when there is a need for distance learning. The use of the distance learning courses is based on two principles: Non-competition and Non-enablement. 

Non-competition means that online courses are not meant to compete with onsite courses and will not be approved if an onsite course can meet the course need. 

Non-enablement means that online courses are not designed to allow students to catch up when they are either not performing or falling behind in required onsite courses. (These students may remain in school another year to make up the courses they need to graduate.)