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Welcome to QSI Phuket (QSIP) a school deeply committed to the mission of challenging each student to succeed and inspiring them to become a passionate learner prepared to adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing global world. QSIP was founded in 2000 and now enters the eighteenth year of operation on the beautiful island of Phuket. QSIP believes in its Success Orientations – Kindness & Politeness, Trustworthiness, Group Interaction, Aesthetic Appreciation, Concern for Others, Independent Endeavors and Responsibility – that serves as a foundation for the learning experiences and prepares students to successfully navigate their future.

QSI Phuket is a not-for-profit American school. Our not-for-profit status enables QSIP to focus on the quality of education over satisfying investment expectations of shareholders. Tuition helps fund the cost of education to deliver on our mission dedicated to educating the whole student. As you learn about QSIP, you will begin to understand that we are a very unique school. Our educational philosophy is based on Mastery Learning.

QSIP is more than just an academic institution. We care deeply about the social, emotional, and physical development of each of our students, and how our alumni are making their way in the world. We also value an open and honest relationship with our parents, where they are active partners in the growth of their children.


  • We are a fully accredited school, and have been since 2005. Middle States Association invests a lot of time and resources into examining schools before bestowing this honor upon them. Our school has earned this honor from Middle States Association for a number of years. We are the only school on island that is fully licensed by an American institution.
  • We have legitimately small class sizes —in both the elementary and secondary we have fewer than 15 students per classroom.
  • Students receive an individualized education based upon their specific level of need and ability.
  • We provide AP courses, an Intensive English instruction at no extra cost, and abundant school activities without a hefty additional fees.
  • We promote Success Orientations, which are hallmarks for healthy character development.
  • We are a diverse international school—we have nearly 20 different nationalities represented in our student body.
  • We are part of an international school system, with schools in 37 locations—if you move, your child can transfer with no additional registration costs and his/her education will continue smoothly.
  • Our graduates successfully attend major universities around the world.
  • We are part of a non-profit system—we don’t worry about making money; we focus on making a difference for the world.
  • The atmosphere of our school is friendly and family oriented.


On behalf of the entire QSI Phuket community, I look forward to assisting you in your interest in the school, and in your transition to our community.

Rob Peters M.A Ed