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School Highlights

what is mastery learning?

Mastery Learning is an educational approach in which students must achieve mastery of a subject before  moving forward to learn subsequent information about that subject; learning builds on established  understanding. Students are given the time and support they need to reach mastery.

Download this leaflet to find out answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Mastery Learning.



a flash of brilliance

This year we added Photography to the curriculum, making us the only educational establishment on the island with this offering. This class has proven to be very popular with over 80 per cent of the secondary school enrolled in Media and Photography classes. The students learnt the technical operating skills needed for their cameras to become second skins. Everything from aperture, shutter speed, lighting and composition to particular types of photography – (portraiture, architectural, landscape and product) has been covered.

The students have embarked on numerous field trips to express their creative visions with the culmination of the photographic curriculum resulting in a Photography Magazine of some truly stunning work. I am blown away by the talent that has been lying dormant in these students and the passion that they have for visual artistic expression. I look forward to seeing QSI Phuket set the benchmark for the creative arts in Phuket Schools in the upcoming years.

We Are on a roll

 With the assistance of local restaurateurs, Two Chefs, the students deigned a burger recipe and prepped over 100   sliders   for the big day. The next day the students set up their booth, fired up the grill and proceeded to sell out of   all of their   product, as well as holding their own side by side with some of Phuket’s top Hotels and Restaurants. We had the privilege   of being the first and only school in the competition and I am sure that many will follow suit.

 The students were amazing ambassadors for the school and represented all that we strive to instill in our success   orientations with every interaction and their positive and happy demeanors throughout the day.

 Congratulations to all who took part and we look forward to participating again next year.



Our Mission to protect Children


QSI International School of Phuket commits to safeguarding and protecting the children in our community in cooperation with local and international authorities.

QSI Teacher

QSI is a place that really pushes teachers to take an interest in their students and really care about them as human beings.



From the moment you walk through the door what's so exciting is the fact that there's children smiling everywhere. It's a real family environment. It feels like a proper community school.


The reason I like the school is because of the teachers. They are really encouraging and they help you all the time.